1. Graphic Design Biennale Germany China 2010

China’s long march to the Modern Age has swiftly gathered pace. Everything that happens in China has a knock-on effect and thus a greater significance for our world than may appear to be the case at the time. The accelerating pace of economic growth has also proved a challenge for Chinese graphic designers and inspired them to reach unimagined heights that have an impact far beyond the Asian world. However, despite the advancing internationalization we have largely remained foreign to each other. It is this foreignness that today both fascinates and interests us, as two great cultural nations. German and Chinese graphic designers have come to the conclusion that a mutual influence and constant encounters will produce something new. 

1st Graphic Design Biennale Germany China 2010 in Offenbach/M



In 2010 the complete exhibition, with over 300 posters and 150 books from both countries, will be presented to the German public for the first time.  


Exhibition hall 

»Am alten Schlachthof« 

Ernst-Griesheimer-Platz 7 


Exhibition time 

13th to 21st of may 2010  

Opening hours 12 to 8 o'clock pm 


Lectures and forum 

Lectures by important Chinese  

and German designers 

HfG Offenbach, Schlossstrasse 31, Aula 

10th to 14th of may 2010